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Top 5 Customizable tools .

There are a lot of work-saving features and components that make up Workhub’s comprehensive compliance management system.

This shouldn’t be news to you though; you know managing workplace compliance isn’t possible anymore with spreadsheets and file folders

Certificate Tracking

Delete your spreadsheets! Seriously, we developed this feature so that your compliance team can do just that. Workers can upload digital copies of their off-site training and compliance certificates themselves, saving you the hassle of doing it (but let’s be honest, you’ll still have to collect and upload a few of them).

Online Trainings

Choose from over 60 pre-built safety awareness courses to create your own custom cloud course. Assure full comprehension’ with custom quizzes, adjustable pass rates and compliance tracking across your organization. Training workers has never been easier!


Your regularly occurring records and forms can pile up quickly and turn an organized desk into a mountain of headaches. Conquer your workflow by submitting documents electronically via email, fax, or uploading into our app. Approve and manage submissions in the Administrator Portal. Relish in your newfound desk-space and rediscover your kids’ school picture.


It’s never been easier to assure your critical policies are being reviewed and acknowledged across your organization with custom assignments, version control, compliance tracking and much more.

Bulletins and Alerts

Communication on a timely basis is a key component of any compliant organization. With Workhub, management can communicate with their workers effectively (over instant SMS / email) and keep track of the views a bulletin receives. Make bulletins part of compliance to ensure workers read updates from your safety team.

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